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Find a summary of my current work in the poster below, which I presented at the University of Virginia Research Computing Exhibition in April 2024.

Previous projects

Improved Ion Sputter Model

To address the validity of models to reproduce experimental sputter results, I used the new data from the irradiation experiments performed by our collaborators in Vienna and compared it to pre-existing sputter models.

The lack of agreement between the results of established models and laboratory experiments led to me being involved in co-developing two modules in the well established binary collision approximation code SDTrimSP. The modules thereby improved how the code determines densities for mineral samples, and added a new way of setting binding energies based on known, tabulated data. An in-depth discussion of the different ways of modeling sputtering including the new modules in SDTrimSP is given in the manuscript published in the Planetary Science Journal.

Jäggi, N., Mutzke, A., Biber, H., Brötzner, J., Szabo, P. S., Aumayr, F., Wurz, P., & Galli, A. (2023). New Compound and Hybrid Binding Energy Sputter Model for Modeling Purposes in Agreement with Experimental Data. The Planetary Science Journal, 4(5), 86.

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